Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Throwing It Up: Another Deadly Blow To The Enemies Of Ireland (1890)

Here we have Charles Stewart Parnell beating the money out of a grotesque creature that's the personification of the Times Of London. Not long before his death, Parnell won a libel case against the Times, an action which was a direct result of the Parnell Commission. This was a British government enquiry into allegations Parnell and The Irish Party were involved in criminality around the Land War. The most infamous crime that had been associated with Parnell was the Phoenix Park murders of Cavendish and Burke, Chief Secretary For Ireland and the Permanent Undersecretary respectively. In 1887, The Times had printed a letter, purportedly written by Parnell, that announced his support for the murders. In an out-of-court settlement Parnell accepted £5,000 in damages. He had sought £100,000. The Times' overall costs amounted to somewhere in the region of £200,000.

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