Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hall's Barn (1795-2011)

Hall's Barn is an unusual looking structure in Rathfarnham. Francis Jukes the 1795 painter of the first picture stated: "This is a very curious building, the singularity of which much attracted my notice. The stairs, by which you ascend it, are on the outside; and having a parapet wall, the ascent is rendered easy and safe. At the top the prospect is very beautiful, commanding a view of Lord Ely’s and Mt Palliser’s park’s and of the country, as far as the mountains. It is two and a half miles from Dublin".
It was built in 1772 or 1743 and here it is throughout the ages. It's of a similar style to and seemingly inspired directly by the Wonderful Barn. The first image is Jukes' painting from 1795, the second image is from 1900 and the final image is a more recent photograph. From googling it seems that parts of it at least were a dwelling place at one time.

That last and most recent image comes from:

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