Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another Irish outrage (1871 and 1921)

This otherwise mundane report of agrarian violence, published in The Illustrated London News in February, 1871, caught my eye because of its reference to "the shot this time knocking off the hat of the servant".  This event occurred on either January 22nd or 23rd, 1871. I did a little digging and it seems that Mr. Blagriff's residence is nowadays the Glasson Golf Hotel, although I haven't been able to confirm that. I found another report of the incident, printed in  New Zealand's Daily Southern Cross, of March 28th, 1871. The final couple of lines are golden.

While trying to find out more information about this incident I came across the case of another man named Blagriff, executed as a spy by the IRA in the Athlone area in early 1921. The name isn't all that common as far as I'm aware so it's entirely possible this poor man was a direct descendant of James Blagriff's. All the information I have here is taken from Bureau Of Military History 1913-1921 witness statements. This, from Henry O'Brien, of Athlone:

And from Michael McCormack, of Drumraney, Athlone:

And finally from Frank O'Connor, of Coosan, Athlone:

I've no evidence that these people were related although how close they lived to each other suggests strongly to me that the man executed was a grandson or maybe grandnephew of the man shot at in 1871. If anyone has any more information on either men I'd love to hear it so please comment.

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  1. Very interesting. My ventures into always leave me shocked at the level of agrarian violence in 19th century Ireland. Greatly enjoying your blog!