Monday, February 11, 2013

Orange "Loyalty" (1884)

 This cartoon is from the Weekly Freeman of June 21st, 1884. The cartoon says "Orange loyality: Died, June 9th" but I haven't been able to ascertain the exact event the cartoon is referring to. You probably can't make out the text of the dialogue so here it is in all its splendour:

His Excellency- "But you should remember that I represent the Queen, her Crown and Dignity, and all that sort of thing, which I was led to believe you respected."

Orangeman- " I respect nothing that does not represent Bigotry, Intolerance, and Orange Ascendancy, and as you don't represent these at this particular moment, you may go be dashed."

Her Excellency- "Oh! Johnny come away, I don't like these people. Let us return to our 'Rebels.' "

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