Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dublin (1880s-1980s)

Well now here's a selection. You can judge for yourself but the oldest pic is from before O'Connell Bridge was widened and the O'Connell Statue was constructed and the latest is a 1980s shot of traffic. We have Dame St., O'Connell St., Dorset St., and Hanlon's Corner amongst others. Dublin down all the years of tumult from the Lock Out to the War Of Independence to occasions thereafter. I probably should be more forensic in describing each scene but I reckon the audience will make their own judgements. If you have any questions on any photo please add a comment.

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  1. The first picture is very curious - the way it was made, rather than the subject. Where did you source it? The hand drawn sharper figures seem out of place compared to the chaos around them. Thanks for putting these up.