Monday, April 1, 2013

Bohemian Bar, Phibsboro (1906)

Here's a rather elegant looking advertisement for The Bohemian Bar in Dublin from the year 1906. It was printed in The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly. Situated a short stroll from the Bohemians' then relatively new home ground of Dalymount Park, I can only assume it took its name to cash in on the Bohs supporters regularly congregating in the area. The moustachioed footballer depicted in the advertisement backs up that assumption.
Here is the same pub in more recent times, barely changed in over one hundred years, now however bearing the name McGeough instead of Doyle. To visit it in these times, I'm sad to say, you can no longer take a tram. However, there are regular buses. To this day the crossroads is known as Doyle's Corner but there's another bar on the opposite side of the street that to this day is named John Doyle's. I always assumed the corner was named for the latter bar but now I'm not so sure.

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