Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Irish Lighthouses (pre-World War I)

Here is a selection of old photos of Irish lighthouses, as far as I have been able to ascertain they all date from 1914 or before. This is by no means a comprehensive pictorial list of the lighthouses that dot our shores but gives a decent representative sample I hope. This map shows all the aids to navigation around our shores. None of Ireland's many lighthouses have lighthouse keepers anymore but it's possible to visit and tour a lot of them. So have at it Daoine na hEireann. 

This is the very photogenic Baily Lighthouse in Howth which dates from 1814. It was the last permanently manned lighthouse in Ireland, only becoming automated in 1997.

 Blackhead Lighthouse overlooking Whitehead, Co. Antrim dates from 1902.

 Kilcredaun Head Lighthouse, Co. Clare first shone in 1824. Unfortunately it shines no more.

The Fastnet Rock, 4 miles (or 6.5km) south of Cape Clear Island, Co Cork is home to Fastnet Lighthouse, the highest lighthouse in Ireland. The lighthouse came into service in 1904, replacing an inferior one originially constructed in the 1850s. Fastnet is sometimes referred to as Ireland's teardrop because for many a shipbound emigrant in the 19th and early 20th centuries it was the last piece of Ireland they saw.

Mine Head Lighthouse, Co. Waterford was built in the 1850s.

Inishtrahull Lighthouse on Inishtrahull Island, Co. Donegal dates from 1813 is Ireland's northernmost lighthouse. The cow and man also pictured are likely long dead.

The distinctive Hook Head Lighthouse, Co. Wexford is the oldest lighthouse in Ireland. A beacon of some sort has existed on this spot since the 5th century AD. Some part of the current lighthouse dates back to the Normans in the 12th century. My mother also did a splendid painting of this lighthouse a number of years ago.

This is Ballinacourty Lighthouse near Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. It was constructed in 1858 to help guide ships into Dungarvan Bay. 

Loop Head Lighthouse is situated in Co. Clare. The current lighthouse dates from 1854 but there was a lighthouse structure at the same spot since at least the 17th Century.

And this final lighthouse is on Tory Island, Co. Donegal. It and Inishtrahull lighthouse guard the northwest coast from wayward ships.

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