Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Santa" in Dublin (1907)

McBirney's was a long lasting department store on Dublin's Aston Quay. This advert from 1907 features "Santa" and depicts him, in a familiar but not quite entirely modern style, doing a pied piper on the children of Dublin. The ad featured in The Lepracaun, an early 1900s satirical magazine in the mould of today's Phoenix. The Lepracaun lasted from 1905 until 1915 or 1919.

I'm too young to remember it but McBirney's lasted all the way up until 1984. Thereafter it was the Virgin Megastore, which I recall with fondness, until the early 2000s. A SuperValu currently occupies the groundfloor of the same building. The McBirney & Co. Ltd. sign is still visible above the door.


  1. Not only is the McBirney's sign still over the door, but the name is inlaid in brass letters in the doorway. When Virgin took the premises, one of the letters was missing, I seem to recall, so they had it replaced. An excellent gesture, I always thought.

    1. I walked by there earlier and took a look and found the inlaid brass and took a few snaps. It is a really nice feature. Thanks for commenting and the information.