Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doran's Of Marlborough Street

Here's a very pretty advertisement I found for Doran's Of Marlborough Street. It's obviously pre-1966 because the Spire is there but I've not been able to find out when the ad dates from. It looks like it was a pretty happening place at one time, "Dublin's Smartest Rendezvous". I was able to find surprisingly little about this place through the wonders of Google. I know there are and were a number of other Doran's pubs around the town so maybe this belonged to one of those same families. I don't know exactly when it stopped being a pub but it seems to have been sometime in the past decade. I have no recollection of the pub and I suspect it no longer occupied the corner unit (see modern photo below) when I was frequenting the area. I can only find a couple of anecdotal references and a couple of tiny photographs of the place when it was Doran's. Here's what the same corner looks like on Streetview, with the pub divided into several retail units and of course the Pillar long since gone and the Spire in its place. If anyone knows anything more about the joint leave a comment please.


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  2. Can you say where the advert came from? It looks glossy but pre 1966 when Nelson's Pillar was blown up, there weren't that many glossy publications about. Perhaps it was something aimed at tourists. It is a lovely piece of work.

  3. You need info's about that place? Go visit Coxy in the Celt he used to work both places and you will hear some stories believe me I worked there myself lol God bless Tommy and Rory